Tour of Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels and Liège

Spring tour 2016


This year, we have decided to venture beyond the borders of Italy as we journey together to Belgium. This rich and culturally diverse land, the birthplace of Flemish painting, has had strong economic and cultural ties with Italy since the Middle Ages, and has both influenced and taken inspiration from Italian art. Belgium is known for its refined art of living, while Brussels and all major Belgian cities are recognized for their beautiful homes and splendid gardens. As with our previous trips, many friends who understand FAI’s values and appreciate its ef- forts to preserve Italy’s cultural heritage have generously decided to open their homes to us. In this way we will discover not only their historic family homes, but also many houses and gardens that they have personally created with the help of world-renowned architects and interior designers such as Axel Vervoordt and Michel Jaspers, and landscape architects such as Erik Dhont and the Wirtz family.

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