Friends of FAI is an American nonprofit organization whose mission is to foster in the United States a deeper appreciation of and support for the preservation of buildings and properties of architectural and environmental significance located in the Republic of Italy. Friends of FAI recognizes the artistic, architectural, historical and environmental heritage of Italy as an international resource of priceless value.

Friends of FAI supports the programs and activities of FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano), one of Italy’s leading nonprofit organizations, in its efforts to restore, preserve and open to the public a wealth of important Italian monuments and properties, as part of our broader objectives.

Friends of FAI organizes numerous events, including conferences, seminars, exhibitions, and concerts in the United States, and tours in Italy, to spread understanding of and appreciation for Italian culture.

Friends of FAI invites Americans to visit Italy and discover the precious treasurers rescued by FAI.

For further information, please download the  FFAI-Brochure


“The mission of Friends of FAI is to foster in the United States a deeper appreciation and support for the preservation of Italian cultural and historical heritage reflected in buildings and properties of architectural and environmental significance in Italy. One way that Friends of FAI meets its cultural and educational objectives is through its support of FAI- Fondo Ambiente Italiano, in its efforts to restore, preserve and open to the public important Italian monuments and properties.”

FAI is a well known and respected organization in Italy and Friends of FAI was officially presented to and acknowledged by the Italian President of the Republic, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, by Giulia Maria Mozzoni Crespi, FAI’s President, and Lynn de Rothschild, Chairman of Friends of FAI’s Board of Advisory Trustees in February 2002.

Friends of FAI organizes unique events, conferences and trips for those who wish to help FAI achieve its mission. It also provides its members with advanced information so that they can participate in FAI’s activities on a priority basis. Members of Friends of FAI are able to access the very best of what Italy’s culture and art have to offer through the many personal contacts and sources that are available to FAI.

Friends of FAI has organized many special trips for its members which have included visits to: Northern Italy, Sicily, a tour of FAI’s properties, Rome, a Spring tour of Veneto, a tour of Parma and Piacenza, a tour of Genoa and the Portofino Riviera, Naples and Amalfi Coast, a tour of Basilicata a Southern Apulia, and a visit to Turin and the Piedmont’s castles and palazzos.

Every year conferences, concerts and theatre performances with major Italian artists are organized in the United States to promote FAI and Italy’s vast cultural heritage.



Bona de’ Frescobaldi* – International Chairwoman
Maria Manetti Shrem – Chairwoman of Balbianello Circle


Lynn de Rothschild – Chairwoman
Giorgio Armani
Giancarla Berti
Anna Bulgari
Laura Casalis
Carla Comelli
Chiara Ferragamo
Audrey Gruss
Gail Hilson
Joan Hotchkis
Maria Manetti Shrem
Ann Nitze
Paolo and Henrietta Pellegrini
Marilyn Perry*
Giorgio Poggiani*
Roberta Ritter*
Nancy Rubin


James M. Carolan – President
Sharleen Cooper Cohen – Vice President
Nicolò Foscari Widmann R. – Treasurer
Laurel Beebe Barrack
Andrea Carandini
Celine Crosa di Vergagni
Chiara DeRege
Bona de’ Frescobaldi*
Ellyn Toscano
Davide Usai
Clarice Pecori Giraldi
Michele Eddie



Young Friends of FAI Co-Chairs: Chiara de Rege, Céline Crosa di Vergagni
Young Friends of FAI Events Committee: Francesco de Rege, Frances Milliken, Nicolò Foscari Widmann Rezzonico

The Young Friends of FAI group was launched in 2012 by young supporters who share our passion for Italian culture, and who wish to preserve Italy’s historic treasures and instill in young people the desire to help protect Italy’s immense patrimony. The Young Friends of FAI organize exclusive events including private museum visits, film screenings, photography exhibits, cocktail receptions and more, to highlight various aspects of Italy’s rich artistic and cultural heritage. These exclusive gatherings have included, among others, a private, after-hours tour of the Piero della Francesca exhibit at the Frick Collection led by the project’s curator, which was organized in conjunction with the “Year of Italian Culture in the United States;” a special viewing of the exhibit “Leonardo da Vinci: Treasures from the Biblioteca Reale at the Morgan Library & Museum,” also organized in conjunction with the “Year of the Italian Culture in the United States;” a private walking tour of The High Line, led by one of the project’s chief landscape architects; an exhibit and reception at Christie’s featuring photographs of FAI’s most beautiful estates; and a private presentation of the portrait of Francesco I d’Este by Velazquez at the Metropolitan Museum of Art by the museum’s curator of Southern Baroque European Paintings.

To become a member of the Young Friends of FAI, please click here.

2016 Supporters

Balbianello Circle

Melinda Blinken
Lynn Booth
Tina Chew
Martin Cohen & Sharleen Cooper Cohen
Don & Jan DeFosset
Muni Fry
Mary Hampson
Linda Janger
Kent Kresa
Gloria Levoni
Leonardo LoCascio
Charlotte Moss
Peter & Merle Mullin
Jose Nazar
Maria Pshenichnaya
Gianluigi & Claudiai Quentin
Guy Robinson
Rockwell & Marna Schnabel
Jan Shrem & Maria Manetti Shrem
Elizabeth Stribling
Dorothy Torresi


Zoe Baird
Bill Budinger
Jim Carolan
Ronald & Georgia Spogli


Paul Connolly
Dino Deconcini
Antonio Foglia
Allan Hillman
David Lehmann
Millicent Marcus
Gioconda McMillan
Andrea Mellare
Sara Muller-Chernoff
Charles Nol
Richard Pizzini
Richard Salerni


Lamberto Andreotti
Cecile Graziano

Young Friends

Ilaria Anghinoni
Marco Baleani
Jason Bauer
Nicolas Bedel
Silvia Bellezza
Bree Bernwanger
Mattia Bianchi
Nancy Bitetto
Carlotta Bracco
Vittorio Calabrese
Tripp Callan
Paolo Canevari
Ilaria Conti
Celine Crosa di Vergagni
Denalda Cupa
Ozlem Dalgic
Chiara de Rege
Suzanne Defosset
Nicole Defosset
Giulia Delpiano
Jovana Djuric
Emily Doyle
Ludovica Ferme
Gabriela Fernandez
Giorgina Fioruzzi
Alessandra Foglia
Federica Foglia
Nicolo’ Foscari
Alessandra Ghetti
Michael Golia
Megan Hardwick Leone
Kirsten Jordan
Emmeline Kuhn
Dylan Leiner
Francesco Leone
Will Hunt Lewis
Alessandro Luongo
Clare Mellet
Frances Milliken
Carlo Mirisola di Torresanto
Giulia Modenese
Guido Molinari
Elsa Molinari
Shay Murphy
Soleil Nathwani
Sofia Odero
Andrea Orioli
Giulia Perovich
Paolo Rainone
Mariavittoria Ravarino
Enrichetta Ravina
Lavinia Rittatore Vonwiller
Alicia Rodriguez Leal
Naomi Rougeau
David Rubaltelli
Maria Carolina Sandretto
Justin Schultz
Richard Tayar
Andrea Tese
Costanza Theodoli-Braschi
Cristiana Vigano’
Alexandra Voukitchevitch
Raana Zarei


A word about FAI:

FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano (the National Trust for Italy) is a non-profit foundation that operates thanks to the support of individuals, companies and institutions. Since its founding in 1975, FAI has drawn inspiration from the National Trust for England, Wales & Northern Ireland, and is affiliated with INTO – the International National Trusts Organisation.

FAI, with the contribution of everyone:
takes care of special places in Italy for the benefit of present and future generations promotes education, appreciation, awareness and enjoyment of the Nation’s environmental, natural, historic and artistic heritage monitors the protection of Italy’s natural and cultural assets, in the spirit of article 9 of the Italian Constitution (The Italian Republic promotes the development of culture and of scientific and technical research. It protects the landscape and the historical and artistic heritage of the Nation)


EXIST thanks to the generosity of our members and other donors, both corporate and individual, in Italy and around the world.

ACCEPT endowments and bequests in order to pursue our stated fundamental objectives.

ASK the public to join us, to help recruit new members, and to spread the word about the work we are doing and to help us to continue to do that work through generous contributions.

FAI invites the public to visit our properties; part of our mission is to acquaint the public with these beautiful landmarks.