Tour of Lago di Garda, Verona, and Bergamo

Spring Tour 2022

Once again, this year our journey took us to places in Italy celebrated for their landscape,
architecture and works of art. There is a wonderful new addition for all of us, Palazzo e Giardini Moroni
in Bergamo, a FAI property and splendid residence that has been in the same family for centuries.

The palace also houses the Cavaliere Rosa, one of the most famous Italian portraits, by Giovanbattista
Moroni. The city of Bergamo was a wonderful new discovery for many of our travelers.

In Mantua, we experienced the splendor of one of the most splendid courts of the Italian Renaissance,
that of the Gonzagas, in a city that still lives in the magic of a dynasty constantly dedicated to the arts
and has left memories such as the Bridal Chamber painted by Mantegna and Palazzo Te, a visionary
architectural project by Giulio Romano.

In Vicenza and some of the Venetian villas we saw masterpieces by Palladio and Tiepolo, then
got lost in the labyrinth of Villa Barbarigo; in Verona we explored some magnificent churches and
one of the best-preserved historical centers in Italy, city of Romeo and Juliet.

But what will left us truly amazed was the beauty of Lake Garda, which we discovered from the
privileged observatory that is Villa Cortine on the peninsula of Sirmione.

As usual, we were welcomed into various private homes. Their hospitality is a tangible sign of their admiration for FAI’s mission as a foundation that preserves, restores, hands down and educates, whose work benefits not only Italians and lovers of Italy, but all citizens of the world.

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