Palazzo Moroni – Bergamo

2022 Restoration Project

Nestled in the center of historic Bergamo, Palazzo Moroni is a 17th century urban aristocratic palace.

Construction of the Palazzo began in 1636 following the wedding of Francesco Moroni toLucrezia Roncalli. It took nearly 30 years to build the palace, which consists of three floors and mezzanines and nearly five acres of floral and vegetables gardens.

The interior of the palace is rich with frescoes and reflects the tastes of the various generations who lived there. The first set was created by Cremasque painter Giangiacomo Barbelli, who decorated the walls and ceilings in the mid 1600’s.

A second phase of decoration took place in the 19th century, when Alessandro Moroni commissioned trompe-l’oeil stuccoes featuring fanciful subjects of the classical and exotic world. The palace is also home to an exceptional art collection, which is the result of generations of art lovers in the Moroni family.

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