From June to September 2023 FAI Summer Evenings return

From picnics and aperitifs at sunset to music under the stars, from nature walks at sunset to observations of the celestial vault, a packed calendar of open-air events and special visits to experience the FAI properties until late in the evening.

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From June to September 2023, the FAI Summer Evenings are back: a packed calendar of events at FAI properties – including villas, castles, monasteries, abbeys, towers, as well as natural areas, parks and gardens – that will remain open exceptionally beyond their usual opening hours to offer the unprecedented experience of a visit at sunset, take part in special initiatives or enjoy the magical atmosphere of summer evenings immersed in unique places.

Here are some of the many events of the summer evenings promoted by FAI: plays of light and colour amidst grottoes and waterfalls at the Villa Gregoriana Park in Tivoli; aperitifs under the magnolias at sunset in the atmosphere of the 1930s in the garden of Villa Necchi Campiglio in Milan; travelling tales that investigate some of the works and installations in the 20th-century art collection at Villa Panza in Varese in a theatrical and poetic key; meetings with tastings of the Sardinian gastronomic tradition at the Saline Conti Vecchi in Assemini (CA); music en plein air comfortably lying down inside Michelangelo Pistoletto’s land art work Terzo Paradiso at the Bosco di San Francesco in Assisi.

A schedule of more than 300 evenings in 30 FAI properties: astronomical observations, picnics on the lawn, aperitifs in the shade of centuries-old trees or in the loggia and dinners under the stars or by candlelight, concerts and moonlight shows, astronomy lessons and themed guided tours, meetings and conferences, as well as trekking and guided evening walks to discover the beauty surrounding the FAI properties in a different light.

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