FAI properties, in addition to being environmentally sustainable, are a real treasure trove of biodiversity, thanks to the many ecosystems that the Foundation protects, cares for, and respects throughout Italy.

FAI manages and protects many different ecosystems in its properties from the pastures in the mountains to the Mediterranean maquis, forests and wetlands, all environments rich in precious fauna that testify to the health of these areas; but not only, all our properties are inserted in particular ecosystems with their own balance. A home for many animal species that we have the opportunity to learn about and admire.

The biodiversity of these environments is unfortunately increasingly threatened by human activity. The constant restorations and maintenance works allow us to intervene with projects that contribute to increase the attention on the environment, as well as to recompose that balance which is today more and more at risk. This is how the Bee and Butterfly Project was born, for the protection of pollinating insects that are so important for our own lives, and the Swifts Project, in collaboration with the Restoration and Conservation Office, which recovers and builds new nests in some of FAI’s historical properties.

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